Working Together for You

The Alcott HR retirement savings plan is offered in partnership with Slavic401k. Together, we have created a retirement plan that levels the playing field between enterprise and small business.

Plan Administration

In most retirement plans, the employer typically holds the plan sponsor role, which carries all administrative, fiduciary and investment duties. This can be challenging, as many employers are simply not set up with the infrastructure to handle the responsibility. Often, it is also cost-prohibitive.


The Alcott HR Retirement Savings Plan was designed with the small employer in mind. The plan sponsor role is outsourced to us. This is a huge benefit to employers as our partnership with Slavic401k takes most administrative duties off of your plate. Further, by pooling together with other employers, costs are lowered by negotiating services and fees on the collective behalf. This is a win-win for employers AND employees.

Slavic401k Alcott HR Adopting Employer
Select and monitor service providers
Select and monitor plan investment options
Select MEP plan provisions applicable to all adopting employers
Select Individual plan provisions applicable to adoptiong employer
Review and approve plan provisions applicable to adopting employer
Prepare, review and approve plan amendments
Sign plan adoption agreements
Provide complete employee census data
Submit accurate and timely plan contributions
Provide all data to plan administrator in case of ownership change
Monitor participant eligibility, entry dates and vesting
Monitor plan IRS contribution limits
Monitor timely submission of contributions
Prepare and deliver participant regulatory disclosures
Approve and process participant regulatory disclosures
Prepare, sign and submit IRS/DOL Form 5500
Perform, review and approve plan testing
Make necessary plan corrections to keep plan compliant
Acquire fiduciary liability insurance
Independent annual plan audit